Reasons to train BJJ

BJJ can do much for all ages, for example teach self-defence techniques or breakfalls, but also principles as correct technique can beat power and weight, discipline and respect for fellow humans.

Below we will discuss the most obvious reasons to practice BJJ:


BJJ is one of the best sports for self-defence, because in BJJ the focus is on obtaining a position that is so strong, that a physically stronger opponent can be controlled.

Back mount
The man in blue obtained a dominant position.


Even though it good to know how to defend yourself, for most people these skills won’t be used outside the gym. Everyone will benefit of knowing how to breakfall, because sooner or later you might trip and fall. Breakfalls are practiced during BJJ class, because this will help you practice throws without sustaining any damage.

breakfalls are important with a hip toss


Although BJJ is a martial art it certainly is a game. It often is compared to chess. If a chess player moves a piece to attack, the other player can answer this move with a defensive or a counter. This is similar for BJJ. The player who practiced more attacks and defences the more games the player will win.

One of the best aspects of BJJ is that during sparring a person can give 100% to try and win, but no one gets hurt. (This is not the case for many martial arts: Think of two kickboxers that would give it all to win during sparring. That would result in some black eyes and bloody noses!).



BJJ trains the whole body, both players are busy to improve their position. So a player must think about the next attack, defence or even a trap and then execute this plan correctly. This makes BJJ mentally and physically challenging sport. After training for a while you will notice that you will get more in shape and your conditioning will improve

A picture of a tough training in Japan

BJJ is voor everyone!

It does not matter what body type you have. Heavier persons are able to use their weight to try control an opponent. On the other hand lighter persons are able to use their speed and endurance to win. Every person will find out what his or hers strengths are and use them during BJJ.

I once met a man that was a good player, even though he missed his lower leg. He even invented techniques with the stump of his leg that people with two healthy legs would never be able to do!

Big or small BJJ is for everyone