Trial lesson

Sign up for trial lesson

  1. Send an e-mail to: with the subject "Trial lesson".
  2. Mention the age of the participant if the participant is younger than 18 years
  3. Note your cell phone number, because sometimes our mails get lost in the spamfolder
  4. We will contact you for the trial lesson!

Trial lesson subjects

  • You will learn the basic principles of BJJ
  • You will learn a few techniques
  • You will try out the techniques during sparring


  • Do you own a Judo gi? Wear this during the trial lesson
  • You do not own a judo gi? No problem! Wear sports pants or a tracksuit and a (tight) shirt.

Make sure your pants have no loops, big pockets or sharp components, because someone could get hurt. It is best to bring old clothing, just in case your clothing might get ripped or damaged.

Do not bring a karate suit (or similar sport), because the cloth is thin and might rip. It would be a waste if your karate suit got damaged!