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Team Michi

It is all in the name: “Team Michi”. Michi is a Japanese word with many meanings. Literally it translates to: “The way” or “The Journey”. Michi also has more figuratively meanings like “The way of the fighter” of “The life of a fighter”.

What I like about the name, is that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a journey, you are constantly striving to get further. You will keep learning, because the sport keeps evolving. Currently in competition techniques are used that no one ever used 5 years ago. Also the road you travel won’t be easy, this is depicted in the winding road on the logo, that goes through valleys and over tops.

The last letter of the Greek alphabet, the Omega (Ω) is found in the logo as well. This letter represent the end or actually the infinite, because that is what goal is of the journey: Learn to you have learned it all.

Another important part of the name is the word “Team” in our name. A close team is very valuable for BJJ. Every teammate develops his own game. By sharing the the techniques and insights with your teammates, it allows your game to grow in ways you would have never accomplished on your own.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Team Michi Logo
The Team Michi logo

Who am I

My name is Rick Bolten and I live in Almere Poort together with my wife and two children. At the age of five I am involved with martial arts. I started with Judo and learned the throws of Judo. It also introduced me to ground fighting. Even though Judo is known for its throws I tried to win in competition by getting the fight to the ground and apply a hold. This was the start of my love for ground fighting.

During high school I wanted to learn punches and kicks next to the throws and holds of Judo. So I started training Pencak Silat and Taekwondo next to Judo.

After high school I discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and started training under Henk Heneweer of Team Kaishin and exchanged the Taekwondo lessons for BJJ classes. I instantly fell in love with BJJ, because of the focus on the ground fighting. I was able to use the techniques that I learned during Judo, but I also noticed quickly that those techniques were only the tip of the iceberg.

At Team Kaishin I received my blue belt for BJJ. After high school I studied in Amsterdam and I moved there. From that moment on I trained exclusively BJJ. In Amsterdam I trained under Remco van Baardewijk at Team Aqua and later under Marcos Flexa at Carlson Gracie Amsterdam. I got my purple belt for BJJ from Marcos Flexa. After studying in Amsterdam I moved to Almere Poort and started training again with Team Kaishin. In 2018 I received my brown belt there. I received my black belt from Augusto Ferrari in 2021.

Since high school I have always been a substitute teacher for Judo and BJJ kids and adult classes. I always thought about starting my own gym. In 2019 I decided that it was time to follow my dream and I started teaching BJJ in Almere Poort.

Rick Bolten, BJJ instructor


I want to guide my student during their BJJ journey. I believe BJJ can do good for everyone so also for you! You are always welcome to join and try it out!