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  • Sporthal de Ruimte
  • Nimfenplein 1
  • 1363 SV Almere

The location for the classes is at the school "De Ruimte" in Almere Poort. It is easy to reach by car or public transport.

De Ruimte
Basisschool De Ruimte


Address: Nimfenplein 1, 1363 SV Almere

Entrance sport hall

We train at the sport hall of the school De Ruimte. The following steps will guide you to the training area:

  1. Ring the bell, you can find the doorbell at the right side of the door
  2. Take the stairs to the top floor
  3. The ladies and men dressing rooms are at the left
  4. Access the training area through the dressing room
Ingang sporthal
Entrance sport hall


There are plenty of free parking spaces available next to the sports hall


Public transport

Take the M4 bus from the Almere Poort trainstation. Get off at the "Homeruskwartier Midden" bus stop. It is an one minute walk from the bus stop to the sports hall.

Bushalte Homeruskwartier Midden